Reese’s Cheesecake Brownies

About two months ago I stumbled upon a recipe for Reese’s Cheesecake Brownies on Pinterest. (Yay Pinterest!) I wanted to make them that day, but alas, I decided to wait until Spring Break to make them. That was weeks ago. Here are some of my pictures and yes, they were as good as they looked.


Peanut butter cups, cheesecake, and brownies, what could be better you ask? Having Reese’s Pieces in the the cheesecake, of course!



I gave one of these to my friend and later he came back up to me and said “I’m going to need another one of those.” If that doesn’t tell you how delicious these things are, you are just going to have to try them yourself. Here’s the recipe.   Enjoy!


chocolate-covered bacon

There are so many good things about last night’s creation. Like:

1. A year ago yesterday we started this blog.  So, in honor of the one-year anniversary of the Inside Joke, Marena and I made Chocolate-covered bacon.

2. The perfect Valentine’s day treat. 
The idea is this: women like chocolate. Men like…meat. Why not combine the two?
We couldn’t really answer that until we’d tried it.
(Bacon was the obvious choice. It’s better than ketchup – add it to anything and it tastes better. It’s the chocolate of meat.)

3. Convenient Ingredients:

~chocolate chips

4. I took pictures.

(Marena did the decorating.)


Judge if you want. But try it sometime, too.







pie on a stick.

This week’s masterpiece:






first: black cherry pie.




Then, carefully:


apple pies…


and, the best off all, the turtle pie! Marena made it for me 🙂







stay tuned.

our latest adventure: Fried Fried Ice Cream Ice Cream Bread

Yes. You heard right. Fried fried ice cream ice cream bread.

I’ll just recount the process. I’ll leave you to do the untangling.

 1.I found a recipe for ice cream bread, which sounded wonderful. the ingredients are as follows:

– ice cream
– flour



(but it has to be self-rising flour! You knew there’d be a catch.)

When I saw fried ice cream flavored ice cream in the freezer at Owens, I couldn’t resist.

Marena came over and we mixed:

And baked:

(and got very  hungry in this meantime)

and fried,

and drizzled with powdered sugar frosting:

and wha-la!

…I mean…voila!




it tasted like…french toast. or chicken.
mostly french toast.




Next on the menu: Cake Ice Cream Ice Cream Cake!
















Which one first?

Adventure is out there! (Or maybe, just maybe, it’s here)

I tend to be super cautious about everything. Being cautious is a good thing, right? Sometimes I think that I am too cautious and wonder what I am missing out on. Maybe I’m actually hurting myself instead of helping. This is why I am trying to be bolder and have more adventures.

When I think of adventures I think of someone saying “I went to (insert some cool foreign country) and helped orphans, hung out with locals, went scuba diving” or whatever cool adventurous thing there is to do. Those things are great, but isn’t it possible to have adventures where you are? I would like to think of adventures as doing something outside of your comfort zone. Adventures could also be sharing experiences with someone or people that you care about.

Yesterday I went on a few adventures with MJ. We went to a taco stand and baked a cake as a spur of the moment thing. I plan on having more adventures, even if it is something as silly as painting pottery in my pajamas at seven in the morning. Adventures are a growing experience and quite frankly I’m sick of always staying in my comfort zone.

Adventures, here I come!

Team Dinner

Team dinner. Two ordinary words make up one of my favorite phrases. To most, team dinners may not be awfully important but they are special to me. I’ll try to explain.

I have enjoyed team dinners ever since high school. In high school team dinners were always held the night before major cross country (or track) meets. Sometimes we would eat at Olive Garden. Other times we went to our coach’s house and still other times we would go to a member of the cross country team’s house. Every dinner was special. Not only was the food tasty, but the company was excellent.

As I think about those times in high school, a swirl of memories come to mind. I remember the time I got into a whipped cream fight, the time we had a pretend tea party, and the time little girls were giving out magical powers in the Olive Garden bathroom. I remember strawberry milkshakes, brownies with a layer of raspberry (I’ve been wanting one of those for years!), and of course pumpkin pie mixed with half a can of whipped cream (I hear it is un-American to eat it any other way.) I remember driving to team dinner with my friend and blasting Taylor Swift the entire way. But most of all I remember all of the fun and random things we would do at practice.

Here comes another swirl of memories and phrases. There was the summer I spent training with two of my teammates, (random photoshoot, Eggs and brownies after running, chasing squirrels, etc.)  the time we tried to run the football from Hudson to Addison for the game but we had to use a volleyball, blanket tents, and singing while skipping. Then there are the phrases: “Quit standing around picking your noses and put up the tent!” “It’s not my problem to listen to your problem” and “That’s a nice boulder.” But enough of that. Back to team dinner.

When I was a junior in high school I started to visit colleges. The very first one I visited was Grace College and my dad had arranged it so I could practice with the team. I was so scared. Practice itself was not bad aside from the fact that I cried (lame right?) and afterwards I was invited to dinner. Team dinner. It was my very first college one and at first glance it was not anything ordinary. I don’t remember much except for the fact that I was mistaken for a transfer student and how everyone made room at the table for the next person and told them to bring up a chair.

Let’s fast forward to college. I ended up going to Grace and running on the cross country and track teams. Here team dinner became entirely different. Team dinner was everyday and special before meets. Before meets we would eat at a coach’s house or someone on the team would make dinner. No longer did we have to be home by a certain time so we were free to stay as long as we wanted (or until the time everyone decided it was time to go) and we could watch movies. These dinners were special because the food was homemade as opposed to being from the cafeteria.

In college there was the rise of everyday team dinner. After practice, some of the team would eventually make the trek to Alpha for dinner (less now that freshmen are not allowed to scan people in) where we would sit and eat together. The food isn’t always to our liking, but at least the company is always good. The conversations range in subjects from food to chick flicks. My favorite times are when the whole team is together and I can sit back and hear all of the different conversations that are going on.

Perhaps the real reason I love team dinners is because it reminds me of being home and eating dinner with my family.  The team is my pseudo-family. No, more like my adopted family. It’s lively and sometimes things get messy, but it all works out in the end. As a team we spend tons of time together running, traveling, and racing. Team dinner gives us a chance to relax and interact with each other. Team dinner=spending quality time with the group of unique individuals that God has put into my life.

Is it dinner time?


For fun I looked myself up on Bing. I found this quote from my graduation speech: “Have the courage to follow your dreams and the courage to pick yourself up when you fall. Never quit believing in your abilities; achieve what you feel is impossible.” Reading this about a year and 4 months later, I am shocked. I can’t believe that I wrote/said that. It’s a good statement and maybe I should take my own advice.

Anyway, I’ve been learning that sometimes you have to look back to where you were before to look ahead to where you can go. I have lessons to learn and things to do. I’m just glad that God is with me wherever I go.

Love- Or In Other Words Showing That You Care

I really should be doing homework right now, but I have some thoughts to share first.

I care about people. I really do. I think I just don’t exactly know how to show it.  I think we all show our love in different ways. I may not think to ask specific questions about your life or talk a lot but I still care. Often times I like to write letters or tell you about something that reminded me of you. I even buy things or cut out pictures of things that I think you will enjoy.  That’s just how I show it.

Sometimes insecurity gets in the way of me showing that I care. It’s hard to show that you care if you don’t know if the person cares about you. Especially if that person happens to be a guy.

Maybe we all need to take ourselves a little less seriously and fall on our faces a few times.  Hey, at least people will know that we care about them.


Change is a weird thing. Sometimes we demand it and other times we desperately try to avoid it. It can be scary but sometimes change is necessary. People need to change. God wants to change us and mold us even more into His image. He knows exactly what we need and we need to quit fighting because everything will turn out. It’s frightening to let go of your ‘control’ even if you know that God has it under control. If we ever want to grow and become better, we need to trust Him.

It’s May now and change has come.  Summer break has arrived and half of the Inside Joke graduated from college.  Things are different, but also exciting. Ashley and MJ have entered a new chapter of their lives and I am super excited to hear about the adventures that God takes them on. He has wonderful things for both of them.

I like this quote from the last episode of the show Pushing Daisies:

“For endings as we know, are where beginnings start.”

One thing I know that will not change is the fact that we are sisters.

Sisters for life.